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November 09 2017

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November 08 2017

Gramy w drony
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#hello #i hate what you’ve done with the place

Oh you’ve redecorated…

I don’t like it

i acknowledge that this house has had a renovation, but given that it’s a stupid-ass renovation, i’ve elected to ignore it.

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October 28 2017

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October 20 2017

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October 19 2017

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October 15 2017

How to relax with your dog
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September 08 2017

August 13 2017

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Camilo Beach, Lagos, Portugal (by haymartxo)

July 15 2017

June 26 2017

June 22 2017

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May 27 2017

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May 16 2017

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"Und wie macht ein Mensch?"
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May 13 2017

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April 25 2017

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April 17 2017

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Famous artwork in Europe
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[A large and fluffy dog is sleeping on a porch. A tiny grey bird is bouncing around on the dog, stealing its fur.  Its tiny beak is full of dog floof.  The dog is totally still and does not appear to have noticed the thief.]

a burglar

a birbler

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